CAROLINE ANSELL MP: We must never forget D-Day sacrifices

Sunday saw the 77th anniversary of D-Day – the greatest ever amphibious invasion ever undertaken.

Thursday, 10th June 2021, 1:07 pm

Those who are still alive and stormed the Normandy beaches or dropped by parachute on June 6 1944 are now few and in their late 90s.

Sadly, our living link with that momentous day will inevitably soon be severed so it is actually more important than ever that what those brave men did to liberate Europe from Nazi tyranny is properly commemorated.

Future generations must always be aware of this sacrifice for freedom. This needs to remain part of our collective history and an enduring inspiration.

We have been tested in the last 16 months by the pandemic and those hard fought, hard won freedoms now feel all the more precious for the experience of this last year. It’s salutary to recall those dark days of the Second World War and all that the British people endured then as we face the impact of the virus now. Seeing a host of young people at The Eastbourne Academy this week, I thought especially of that war generation of parents having to send their children away and entrust them to the care of strangers.

In our present day Covid battle, we have now vaccinated 75 per cent of Eastbourne’s adult population with one dose and 60 per cent with both doses. Over 25s have also been called forward to book their jab appointment. The latest data again confirms the vaccines are breaking the link between infections, which are presently rising, and hospitalisations, which are presently falling.

This is good news. The Prime Minister is expected to make an announcement next week, about the roadmap and what June 21 will bring. I understand the caution but it’s time.

In the constituency, I spoke with the Chief Executive at the local Care for the Carers charity. This is an important week to raise awareness of the support available to carers who number as many as one in 10 people in Eastbourne. It’s brilliant news the charity has received funding from East Sussex County Council to create new roles to help support mental health and young carers too.

This week also saw the Boundary Commission publish its UK-wide review of constituencies. The commission proposes the Wealden District Council areas of Upper and Lower Willingdon, including Wannock and Jevington be included in a new Lewes constituency.

Every part of this constituency is important to me, every part has its own character and identity, its own challenges and opportunities. I know every road and practically every door, north to south, east to west. I wouldn’t readily give any of it up!

But creating more equal constituencies across the county and country is important work to deliver fairer representation for voters in Eastbourne and Willingdon and I will work with the Commission in pursuit of this.

Meantime, there is much to achieve in this recovery period for all those I represent and I am 100 per cent committed to that.

It is also just the start of a consultation period. No changes will be enacted until 2023.