Climate change: astonished to see two police officers at Eastbourne’s Waitrose waiting in their patrol car - with the engine running!

From: J A MarshallManvers Road

Friday, 29th March 2019, 10:10 am
Updated Friday, 29th March 2019, 10:11 am
stock image police
stock image police

This morning I read the story in the Herald of local pupils taking part in the march held last Friday (March 15) against climate change and damage to the environment.

Bravo for the children and now perhaps they could suggest to their parents that they stop sitting outside the schools with their car engines running, sometimes for around 20 minutes or more – something that I witness regularly outside my granddaughter’s school.

Later this morning I went shopping and was astonished to see two police officers sitting in their patrol car in the car park at Waitrose with the engine running whilst they drank their coffee.

The smell of the fumes from the exhaust was particularly noxious since they were in the area under cover.

Clearly the youngsters’ message is not getting through!