Is Cineworld really content at ongoing accessibility complaints at Eastbourne venue?


Friday, 20th September 2019, 11:16 am
Cineworld in The Beacon, Eastbourne (Photo by Jon Rigby) SUS-190715-114336008

I would like to raise concern at accessibility to the new Cineworld at The Beacon.

I am mobility restricted and was surprised when it first opened that when my friend and I went and asked for senior concessions we were not advised that the seats were on an incline and that the handrail did not go all the way up.
 It was very difficult going up and coming back down the stairs.

I have tried, with no avail, to contact Cineworld today on several occasions. 
I spoke to a lady who said she was operating from Poland, and that reception was very bad, as I had got through twice and then been disconnected.

After explaining that I would like to try and go to the cinema this week and would like to be reassured by a member of staff at the cinema she put me on hold for quite a while then apologised for keeping me waiting and said there was no response from the cinema.

I think Cineworld, instead of stock replies, and ongoing difficulties by people of much worse disabilities than myself, should address the problem properly, and perhaps a representative should meet with us to try and sort this out.

I have been attending Cineworld at The Crumbles for many years and would like to think that Cineworld has loyalty and duty of care to its past patrons.

Is Cineworld really content with the ongoing complaints? 
Would it not be in the interest of everyone concerned to try and resolve this problem?

Mrs S Kent

Harding Avenue