Cinemagoers need to pick up rubbish - it’s not hard

From: Mori TehraniOld Camp Road

Friday, 18th October 2019, 11:20 am
Discarded drnks can SUS-191018-094556001
Discarded drnks can SUS-191018-094556001

on the state of our streets and roads as I see this as a price to pay for our use of these facilities, but was a little shocked to see the state and the rubbish and spent food strewn on seats and carpets as we were walking down the steps to leave Screen 1 at the Beacon’s Cineworld.

I’m sure these folks don’t do the same in their living room after spending a few hours in front of their TV.

I urge that we care a little bit more and look after the public places we like to visit and due to respect to others .

It only takes a little effort.