CHIPPER: Really excited about my vegetable patch

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Hi kids,

This week at school we were learning about different kinds of vegetables.

My friend, Cassie the cow, was really good at remembering all the unusual names, like aubergine and celery.

I was telling my mum and dad all about it and they decided to start our own herb and vegetable patch in the garden. I love being outside and playing in my garden, do you?

After school, we went to the garden centre and bought loads of herbs. Mum told me they were called mint, chives and basil.

She said we can add them to our dinners this week and it will be really yummy. Dad bought lavender. He said it will attract bees to the garden, which I was super excited about, as I love bees.

We then got lots of bags of soil and different vegetable seeds, like carrots and tomatoes. It was so much fun putting the soil into pots and placing the herbs and plants in them, although my paws got very dirty.

It was even more fun digging into the ground of the vegetable patch and planting the seeds there, with the help of mum and dad. As soon as we were done, mum told me it was important to wash my paws straight away.

At school I told all my classmates and teacher about how I am growing my own vegetables. They were all very impressed and wanting to start their own vegetable patches as well!

What vegetables would you like to grow if you had a vegetable patch? Why not draw all the different types of vegetables you know or take a picture of your own vegetable patch and send it to me at the address on the form? Have fun growing and eating your own food.