Children should be a priority

From: Eleanor DudleyTrinity Trees

Friday, 1st June 2018, 10:10 am
Updated Monday, 18th June 2018, 11:53 pm
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Re: proposed cuts to special needs children’s group.

We are supposed to be a caring and compassionate society so the very idea of cutting services for disabled children should be anathema to all of us.

It is not for me to tell East Sussex County Council where and how they should make savings in their budget.

But I would have thought that the provision of suitable services for disabled children should be a priority – even in these times of austerity.

Apart from that, if these schools and related services close and parents have to give up work, the council will lose finances as the people affected will see a reduction in their income and will have to call upon the council to provide them with council tax and housing benefit relief, which would add to the council’s expenditure.

So I would have thought that, if only for that reason, the council should revisit their plans and continue to provide these much needed and in demand services.