Chestnut Tree House

While many people think of a children’s hospice as a sad place, which at times it can be, a lot of the time it is a place for creating wonderful memories and having fun.

The children we care for, and their siblings, love playing at Chestnut Tree House! Whether it is by having a story read in the sensory room, or playing music and singing. We have some new opportunities to make music, as we have recently installed musical instruments in the garden which look and sound really lovely.

Every day, our Activity Leaders do painting, drawing and creating with the children, and their masterpieces are then displayed around the house for everyone to see.

Wheelchair painting is always fun and, with the addition of bubble wrap to run over and make popping noises, the children absolutely love it.

Another wonderful opportunity for play is in our hydrotherapy pool. This gives the children the chance to splash around with their siblings – something they would not be able to do in a public swimming pool.

Very often, the children do not want to go home after a day at Chestnut Tree House as they are just having too much fun.