CAROLINE ANSELL MP: How do we restore faith in politics?

Caroline Ansell, MP for Eastbourne SUS-160604-141512001
Caroline Ansell, MP for Eastbourne SUS-160604-141512001

I have written this week to the new minister for the Cabinet Office Ben Gummer on the subject of restoring faith in politics, and a proposal to create an independent office to monitor political campaigns.

This follows a petition that was started by local people concerned particularly about the recent EU referendum.

It is true to say that both leave and remain campaigns came in for criticism over the period.

The petition has already reached over 165,000 signatures in just a few weeks.

Whilst I’m sure everyone would agree with the principle of this, the practicalities of making it work are challenging to say the least.

I have asked the minister to comment on how such an office would work, and what its scope would be.

I’ve also asked how such a concept could cover not only referendums and general elections, but local elections as well.

You can see my letter to the minister on my website, and you can add your name to the petition on

I have always endeavoured to ensure that my own campaign newspapers are positive and I commit to that going forward, whatever the provocation to come!

I have also written this week to the new rail minister Paul Maynard, on all the issues relating to our problems with Southern, but particularly trying to ensure those affected by the dreadful service, cancellations and delays get better compensation.

The current process of receiving compensation is long and wearisome and the previous Prime Minister David Cameron said recently, ‘Frankly, the performance of Southern has been unacceptable and passengers deserve better.

“(We) will be providing more generous compensation to passengers affected by the latest strike and the Transport Secretary will be announcing further details soon.’

Again you can see my letter on my website and I will also post the responses I receive.

There was some good news this week for passengers who had to make use of the Coperforma Patient Transfer Service.

I had a large mailbag on this matter with tales of delay, cancellation and patients having to wait lengthy times in the back of vehicles.

For patients who had to make other transport arrangements as a result and incurred cost, there is now a procedure for claiming compensation - again details are via my office or website.

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