CAROLINE ANSELL MP: Focus on the environment following the EU referendum

Caroline Ansell, MP for Eastbourne SUS-160604-141512001
Caroline Ansell, MP for Eastbourne SUS-160604-141512001

On Monday I left Eastbourne for London and the return to Westminster after summer recess. It was fantastic to meet with so very many people and local organisations out and about at the many events.

Arriving in Victoria, I was handed a rail strike notice for Southern services for Wednesday and Thursday and fifteen minutes later, arriving at the Commons, I was advised it would be a late night. We finished after midnight. I was well and truly back!

There was welcome news in my first 
post bag, a letter from the minister stating the Government would move to a ban 
on the use of microbeads in cosmetic products.

One of my commitments in Parliament is serving on the environment audit committee and we had led the enquiry into this industry practice that is doing great harm to sealife.

So, that’s been a result!

On our agenda this parliamentary season is the natural environment following the referendum result, the sustainability development goals in the UK and marine protected areas.

Being a coastal constituency and always having had a great love for the sea myself, so I am keen to see this sort of action.

To that end, I will be meeting next week with a national charity MCS dedicated to the protection of seas, shores and wildlife to discuss the proposed Marine Conservation Zone known as Beachy Head East which, it is hoped, will feature in this third and final round of designations.

The appeal of the sea is obviously a jewel in Eastbourne’s crown adding quality of life for local people and being a huge draw for visitors.

I saw that in a new way when last week I went out from Sovereign Harbour with the Maritime Volunteer service and the crew of East Sussex 1.

A fellow voyager said that in his forty years of living in the town, he had never seen it like that before, in all its offshore beauty.

One of the proposals for our pier is re-establishing its jetty and I am pleased this is being explored.

I would love to see every child in Eastbourne have an opportunity to try sailing as part of their life experience.

Next week, members of the Eastbourne Hospitality Association will join me in Parliament to talk about policy issues affecting their industry and I very much look forward to welcoming them.

I was delighted to hear so many positive reports of a busy summer season from traders and restaurants in ‘The Boulevard’ at the last Harley Davidson market.

There are huge opportunities ahead is my firm belief and I also believe that council planners made the right decision recently to take a more progressive line on hotel stock to promote new investment.

Now we just need a more sympathetic consideration of seafront windows for that brighter view!