Business Coach: It’s a sick organisation

Laura Murphy
Laura Murphy

Question: “Ill health at work seems to be too high but the boss isn’t worried.

What should I do?” Martin

Answer: “There’s no doubt that ill-health costs businesses. HSE calculates an average loss of £4,000 pa per sick employee so it’s good practice to keep an eye on things.

Before you approach your boss again benchmark the organisation against others in your industry. Note any increases or patterns of ill health and their possible causes. If you still think it’s too high consider what solutions there might be.

If he is just ignorant of the facts, with a well-argued case he’ll be easily persuaded to take action. If he still believes things are OK then understand what drives that belief. There could be many reasons why he doesn’t want to step in and knowing these will help you. Ultimately though if workers’ ill-health is being caused by working conditions then he has a legal obligation to do something about it.”

Laura Murphy is an organisational development specialist, accredited growth accelerator and executive coach. To solve your problem email or tweet @WayfinderWoman.

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