Burgess Hill needs a detailed town infrastructure in place before the Northern Arc is approved

In the Mid Sussex Times edition of November 15, you reported on the traffic problems associated with the queues to access the Burgess Hill McDonald's branch which simply serves to highlight the failure of the local planning functions.

Thursday, 29th November 2018, 4:08 pm
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 3:32 am
Traffic queueing to enter McDonalds drive thru Burgess Hill is causing problems on the roundabout just outside. Pic Steve Robards SR1829128 SUS-180311-162546001

In their comments to you West Sussex Highways and Mid Sussex Planning Department both appear to deny responsibility and essentially each blames the other for this state of affairs.

This roundabout acts as a busy hub at the centre of ever-increasing traffic flows within and across the town and this problem could and should have been predicted.

It is significant also that Burgess Hill Town Council, whose councillors no doubt have a good understanding of the issues at local level, are given no powers in the planning process other than to make recommendations, (often ignored), to the higher authorities.

We must hope that this matter is resolved as a matter of urgency but this problem is merely a symptom of a wider and much more acute problem which is the ability of the local transport infrastructure to cope with the increasing level of traffic, both commercial, and from new housing development.

The planned Northern Arc housing development of 3,500 houses plus other developments which are planned or in hand account for upwards of 5,000 new houses in and around Burgess Hill in the next few years.

Councillors have proudly announced in your pages the new plans for the Northern Arc as well as the £20m to be spent on the A2300 link road but there is silence on the one subject that residents wish to hear more about, namely how will Burgess Hill cope with the expected additional traffic?

The road network is under pressure now. We need to have a detailed town centre infrastructure plan in place before the Northern Arc is approved.

G Bentley

Folders Lane,

Burgess Hill