Brexit: are we facing political realignment in the UK?

From: Edward ThomasCollington Close

Thursday, 3rd October 2019, 1:04 pm
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We are hearing a lot at present about ‘broad churches’ in political parties.

But what is so commendable about it?

If we are facing the realignment that we keep being promised, or threatened with, would this not be a good time to dispense with all shades of grey?

Supposing we had a completely ERG-style Conservative party, a truly Marxist Labour Party, with the dear old Lib-Dems bang in the middle, would not the electorate be served with a clear-cut choice not experienced in generations?

The process would also serve the useful purpose of putting all fringe groups – left or right – out to grass, while perhaps allowing for the eccentric Greens to stay put and be humoured.