Below standard performance

From: Cllr Bob Standley Leader of Wealden District Council

Friday, 1st June 2018, 10:08 am
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 10:26 am
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Call the newsdesk on 01323 414488 or email [email protected] SUS-180130-143238001

I read the letter from Mr Woolmer in last week’s Herald (Recycling mixed with rubbish, May 25). There are a few points I ought to make in response.

First, we have, in recent weeks, had far too many missed collections and Kier’s performance has been below standard. We have sought to address this with Kier and an action plan is now being implemented. I would hope that all residents will soon see a return to the standard of service we expect.

There are particular issues in Wannock Drive. At the moment our regular collection vehicles – with separate hoppers for general recycling and glass – are unable to access this private road, due to the overgrown hedge along the recreation field. We have asked the town council to have the hedge trimmed to enable normal access. In the meantime we are having to use narrow collection vehicles with only one hopper - this means the glass cannot be kept separate at the kerbside. However, all the recyclates collected are separated later in the recycling process.

Finally I should point out that, contrary to Mr Woolmer’s letter, household rubbish does not go to landfill. 99 per cent of Wealden’s general refuse is sent to the energy recovery facility in Newhaven where it is incinerated and used to generate electricity. Only a very small proportion – 1 per cent – is not suitable for incineration and is therefore sent to landfill.