Barbaric slaughter - but we might find it hard to criticise

Pigs confined to crates so small they can’t turn around for weeks at a time, male chicks thrown into mincing machines alive, cows who cry for their babies taken away from them at birth, and if the calves are male they are likely to be shot in the head at only a few days old. These are only a few of the horrors we allow in this country in the name of food production. Watch the video if you dare, I can’t, I would never sleep at night. It doesn’t have to be like this. Small organic farms all over the country need your support. If you buy sustainable fish (Sainsbury’s sell a large range) and organic meat then you are supporting farmer’s to keep their animals in a more natural way. Organic standards put animal welfare first.

Of course you could decide like me that you would prefer not to eat meat or fish at all, but if you do, buy sustainable and organic, otherwise you may find it difficult to justify criticising the atrocities of the Faroese whale slaughter.