Annemarie Field: What on earth have the council used to resurface Willingdon Road?

Shaun Williamson and Annemarie
Shaun Williamson and Annemarie

Can someone in the know please explain how or what in the name of all things holy they have resurfaced the stretch of Willingdon Road between Victoria Drive and the big Willingdon roundabout with?

After waiting for absolutely months and months for the potholes to be filled in and the uneven road surface to be sorted, it would now appear that the powers that be at the county council’s highways department have resurfaced the road with something resembling crushed ice.

Compared to the lovely smooth surface of the recently resurfaced A22 road from Eastbourne to Hailsham, it’s ghastly stuff to drive on, is a skid risk and throws up lots of little stones and chippings as you motor along there at 20mph.

It’s now only 89 days until the visit from the big bearded guy in the red suit blundering his way down the chimney eating mince pies and drinking whiskey, so it’s no surprise panto fever is almost upon us (oh, yes it is).

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting the cast of this year’s festive offering at the Devonshire Park, Aladdin, including none other than the lovely Shaun Williamson, who played foolish and hapless second hand car dealer Barry Evans for more than 10 years in EastEnders.

Shaun is playing the baddie Abanazaar and rather than the bog standard answer you usually get when you ask someone if they came to Eastbourne on a bucket and spade holiday when they were a kid, he revealed he spent three happy months pulling pints working behind the bar of The Dolphin in South Street many moons ago.

Talking of the South Street Shuffle, it’s good news to hear Maxims is re-opening its doors again tonight.

Naturally it won’t be the same without the lovely Ahmed, now happily ensconced at the Ship in Meads, at the end of the bar late on a Friday and Saturday night, but at least Ryan Millns will be back in his DJ box doing what he does best with Pat and Tiny on the door.