Annemarie Field: There’s nothing that sticks on the Tory Teflon

Patrick Warner
Patrick Warner

There’s a particularly nasty telephone scam doing the rounds at the moment from fraudsters purporting to be from Windows where people are rung up, told their computer is on the verge of failing because of a virus and asked to fire their computers up and follow verbal instructions, which then allows hackers to try and profit from uplifting bank details and raiding accounts.

The fraudsters will tell you your computer is harbouring illegal communications which is of course a load of bunkum but older folk could fall for it.

My advice is to tell them politely to Foxtrot Oscar or keep a whistle by your phone and blow it as loudly as you can.

I am not known for my love of physical exercise. Unless of course, it’s running to the British Queen to make it for last orders. So a huge well done to everyone, young and old who took part in Sunday’s Race for Life. I

t’s heart warming to see so many women together but heart-breaking to see the names of the loved ones they have lost who they are running for on their backs.

I see Councillor Patrick Warner has survived another of what are becoming widely known around town as “Warnerisms” after he was taken to court twice for not paying his council tax.

This councillor was asked to resign after problems with Eastbourne Buses and again when his failed business left local traders unpaid. I

only assume he’s made of Teflon as none of his misdemeanours seem to stick, especially with the local Tory Association which refuses to accept enough is enough or withdraw the Tory whip and continues to allow him to stay on.

Apart from standing up and pontificating to the likes of you and me, Councillor Warner chairs a scrutiny committee which oversees and evaluates decisions made by the council on behalf of Eastbourne people. But as far as I can see he couldn’t arrange a session in a brewery, let alone oversee and evaulate decisions entrusted to him by the people of our town.