Annemarie Field: Six long weeks of summer fun - who are you kidding?!

Deck chairs on the beach
Deck chairs on the beach

First day of the school holidays and I have been physically and mentally gearing up for the big summer six weeker.

I seem to come across so many parents who love the school holidays and spending lots of time with their Little Treasures.

I am the opposite and cannot wait for them to end, wishing the days away until it’s the first week in September and King’s Drive is once again a huge car park at rush hour.

True, it’s nice to have a break from the getting up early/school run/commute/washing school uniform but that novelty wears out very quickly.

I love my Little Treasures to the moon and back and we’re very close. But I definitely enjoy their company more when I have less of it and I think they feel the same.

In preparation for spending more time with them than usual between now and September 4, I have already bought a chocolate ice-cream cone, stuck it in my handbag and left it there, purchased a packet of chocolate biscuits and inserted them into the DVD player, started repeating everything I say five times, am waking up at 6am seven days a week, have emptied drawers out and dragged random items from one room to another and left them there, learnt the life stories of all the band members in One Direction, made a loud recording, at the same noise level as a supersonic jet, of somebody shouting “Mum/Mummy” repeatedly” and, seeing as despite my best gardening efforts there is no perennial at the bottom of the garden with crisp fivers and tenners waiting to be picked, arranged for my August wages to be paid directly to Treasure Island/ Fort Fun/ Westskates/ Drusillas and McDonald’s.

Oh, and I am also mastering the art of sitting down looking relaxed with a glass of wine, chilling out in the bath or even talking on the telephone as that appears the thing most likely to attract their attention.

Fun in the sun. Bring it on.