Annemarie Field: Sadly, Forrest girl has sold her childhood

Far too much has already been said in recent weeks about schoolteacher Jeremy Forrest and the 16-year-old schoolgirl he abducted and had sex with so I won’t labour the point.

But what is really sad in this whole sorry sordid affair is that behind the court case, the headlines, the young girl’s kiss-and-tell stories in national newspapers and the constant bleating that she is going to wait for him until he comes out of prison, is the fact that this girl, as that’s what she is after all, has sold her childhood down the river.

Apparently she has pocketed tens of thousands of pounds for her interview, but in doing so has not only negated any pity some people might have felt for her and kissed goodbye to any chance of a normal life as a teenage girl.

Yes, she is laughing all the way to the bank but in years to come she might actually grow up and realise she can’t get back those carefree teenage years when she should’ve been out enjoying herself doing what other girls her age do.

Let’s hope the loss of her childhood is worth all that money.

I see the potholes at Willingdon roundabout are still causing merry hell for motorists and the county council’s roads department has done naff all about it. What will it take fix them I wonder?

Finally, thanks to my old buddy GW for his summer drinking tip: stick frozen grapes in a glass to chill wine – without watering it down. Pure genius.