Annemarie Field: I’d high five them in the face!

The stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze me.

I was out on patrol with Eastbourne’s coastguard volunteers Alison O’Shea and David Nott last Sunday afternoon and we witnessed why some halfwits need a high five. In the face.With a chair.

Firstly, someone had taken one of the lifesaving rings which are dotted all the way along the seafront.

They’re the big round red doughnut-shaped rings which are used to help people in distress while swimming in the sea and potentially save lives.

But far worse than that was the folk up at Beachy Head who were sitting and standing perilously close to the edge of the cliffs, which have a 400 feet plus drop.

Someone was even lying on the grass looking over.

What these people don’t realise is the cliffs are full of chalk shelves and while it might look like they are standing on a massive grass mound, the reality is it could be a fragile ledge with nothing underneath but fresh air and, like the majority of the chalk cliffs, could give way at any time.

And sadly, a few firm polite words of advice from the coastguards, who are the ones usually tasked to retrieve casualties from the bottom of the cliffs, is met with a very impolite Foxtrot Oscar from some halfwits who think they know better.

l Is it my imagination, or are the Real Time bus information signs at bus stops around the town on the blink again?

After being told earlier in the year they “couldn’t be fixed”, they were all miraculously illuminated in the run up to the county council elections in May.

It may be time for us all to get on the blower to our county councillors methinks and ask them to get ‘em fixed again.

l Sad news that Eastbourne’s oldest public building the Leaf Hall Community Arts Centre is in danger of closure unless £30,000 can be raised to fix the roof and for essential interior repairs.

If the town can raise the thousands needed to repaint our lovely iconic lighthouse (and this week we heard local firm Sussex Blast Cleaning has won the repainting contract), surely we can do the same again and with a little help from kind hearted builders, tradesmen etc, and save this landmark building.

l Finally this week, in week four of the oh so long summer holidays, I am off camping with the Little Treasures in the New Forest.

I don’t like camping, I like luxury five star hotels.

Given the choice between a night under canvas and giving birth in the depths of the jungle with no pain relief, I would choose the latter.

See you in two weeks.