Annemarie Field: A huge thanks to the boys in blue

I’m not sure whether it’s because when he was small I told him when the ice cream van made a musical sound, the ice cream had run out, or if he didn’t eat his greens then Buzz Lightyear would die, but my son has decided to get his own back. And organised a party at our house. For when I am due to be away in Ireland. And put it on Facebook for the world to see.

Now I am all for a knees up but if you are one of the 90 plus teenagers (and that’s a gross under estimate) planning to attend said party, it has been CANCELLED.

Friends are house sitting, the police are aware, say it is far better to prevent it than have to deal with it so will be visiting throughout the night.

Call me a party pooper but I don’t want to return from the Emerald Isle to find my house looking like it’s been hit by a hurricane.

Talking of the police, a big thank you to PCs Trevor Scott and Stuart Kenway who came to my aid as I foolishly attempted to transport a six foot fence panel home on top of the car from Wickes in Hailsham while it was blowing a gale last Saturday.

The officers were very pleasant, went out of their way to help and even followed me home to make sure the rest of the journey went smoothly and safely.

At a time when all everybody ever seems to do is moan. It’s nice to be able to say thank you for somebody’s kindness. Needless to say any more fence panels needed will be getting delivered in future.

Finally, I’m trying to trace two unsung heroes whose quick thinking undoubtedly saved the life of local dad Simon Parkin, who suffered a stroke in Princes Park with his young son Oskar on the afternoon of Tuesday February 19 in the middle of half term.

The two boys, aged 12-14, were playing football when Simon collapsed.

The duo ran over, called 999 and within minutes paramedics were on the scene. Simon’s made a great recovery but his family has never had the chance to say thank you so if you know who they are, get in touch with me.