Angela Wallis: Be prepared for the festival season

With the festival season well under way, folk around the country will be rinsing down their tents, packing their wellies and preparing for a fun-filled weekend. Here on the South coast we have Lewes Stopover Mumford & Sons music spectacular to look forward to from 19th – 20th July. Whilst next weekend 13th – 14th July there is the gastronomic Glynde Food & Wine Festival. Festivals, whether they be music or food, are all about having fun, but they can wreak havoc on your health and appearance.

Here are survival tips from Woodside Acupuncture clinic therapist Angela Wallis to help keep you looking and feeling festival fresh no matter what.

Morning miracle: Vitamin C & Zinc Effervescent £3.29 for 20 tablets

Waking up in a tent isn’t ideal, particularly if the night before was a late one. If you have been partying hard and are feeling a little run down, reach for Vitamin C & Zinc Effervescent to help restore your immune system. Add one tablet to a bottle of water and you will feel refreshed and ready to take on what the day has to offer.

Hangover helper: Milk Thistle £23.99 for 200 capsules

Festivals are usually a celebration of music, friends and the summer season, which might lead to some over-indulgence! The liver is one of the body’s most important organs and works by neutralising chemical pollutants and alcohol so help maintain normal liver function with the natural herb Milk thistle. Take one capsule two to three times daily, preferably with meals.

Festival Fresh: Dr Organic Tea Tree Wipes £2.75 for 20

It’s no secret that festivals rank highly in the lack-of-cleanliness league table, so it’s important to find a convenient way to stay refreshed on the go! By packing Dr Organic Tea Tree Wipes, you will be able to freshen up in an instant. These wipes are free from any harsh chemicals, meaning they are revitalizing and offer antibacterial protection to keep you germ free. If you are prone to spots, particularly when you have to ditch your usual beauty regime, these wipes are particularly suitable for blemish prone skin, so you can use them to clean both your face and body.

Festival First Aid: Tea Tree Oil £4.19 for 10ml

If you are likely to get spots in the festival environment, or often find yourself with a bite or a sting, Tea Tree Oil is a must-have. Made from the Australian Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) this pure and natural oil has a spicy scent that is an essential for any festival wash bag. Known for its many topical uses, Tea Tree Oil can also be added to your post-festival bath water for its refreshing effects!

Easy Energisers: Mixed nuts & raisins £1.99 200g

Spending an excitable weekend away from your home comforts can take a toll on your body. Keep some tasty slow-release energy snacks in your backpack for a natural energy boost throughout the day, so you don’t miss out on any of the action. A delicious mix of Walnuts, Brazils, Almonds, Hazels, Peanuts, and Raisins, this go-anywhere pack is high in protein and makes a nutritious treat.

Sunburn saver: Aloe Vera Gel £3.99 for 100ml

If you’ve been soaking up the music out in the sunshine all day, you are at greater risk of sunburn. If you notice your skin becoming a little pink, try rubbing some Aloe Vera Gel on to the sore areas. The cooling gel soothes the pain and also helps speed up the healing process. As well as aiding with sunburn, Aloe Vera gel can help soothe the irritation of insect bites and heat rash. The colourless gel absorbs quickly to leave no greasy residue won’t stain clothing or fabrics. 

Angela Wallis is a qualified and insured acupuncture and massage therapist based at Woodside Acupuncture Clinic, 12 College Road, Eastbourne. Telephone 01323 638606 to book a free 15 minute consultation.

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