Airbourne is totally outdated

From: Gerald PattersonCompton Street, Eastbourne

Thursday, 9th January 2020, 4:00 pm
Airbourne display at Eastbourne SUS-180815-125706001

What a great letter from Roger and Liz Charlwood (Herald, January 3) click here to read highlighting how completely out of date Airbourne now is.

When it began it was a great idea to boost the town but now totally out of step with modern thinking.

It was a far different world then.

Nobody used the term ‘climate change’ and international terrorism was almost unheard of too.

Have the hypocrites who run Eastbourne Borough Council stopped to think how environmentally unfriendly Airbourne is? How many tens of thousands of litres of aviation fuel are wasted and how it looks in the Middle East when we parade weapons of war in the name of entertainment?

The council is always very coy at revealing how much it costs us council tax payers to run the event not to mention the increased costs of security in this day and age.

They try to hide it by saying how much money it brings into the town.

As if.

I hope to see protests at this year’s event by the Greens, other environmentally active groups and children who are always happy to take a day off school in the name of climate change.

Let’s hope the council has the guts to call it a day after 2020 and spend the huge amount of money saved on repairing every pothole in town!