85 more houses would exceed infrastructure

From: Kay WarnerMoy Avenue

Friday, 26th October 2018, 9:03 am
Updated Friday, 26th October 2018, 10:05 am

This development [former telephone exchange in Moy Avenue] has been under consideration for two years now, the first application having been turned down by both the Planning Committee and the Government Planning Inspector.

There are some contentious issues to be addressed: Eastbourne needs housing, that derelict site needs to be developed, Government policy encourages high density development of brownfield sites but not to the detriment of existing neighbourhoods, this is an area that has already outgrown the local infrastructure.

The council’s own policies provide for a maximum of 42 dwellings on this site. This development would accommodate 85 households, with a central recreation area smaller than a basketball court.

It is quite clear that the addition of another 85 households would exceed the capability of the local infrastructure to support roads, traffic,schools, nursery facilities, primary health care and social care.

The living conditions of residents in the Roselands and Bridgemere neighbourhood will be affected by increased noise and pollution from additional traffic, lack of car parking, an increase of pedestrian traffic at night in a quiet family oriented neighbourhood and a reduction in amenities due to an increased population.

The development site has been designated by the council as an area of change from light industrial to commercial. It is surrounded by mainly brick built semi-detached and terraced houses with gardens.

It is not within the adjacent light industrial and commercial estate. The proposed buildings, the refurbished block on Moy Avenue with an extra storey, and the two blocks behind it, each partly four storey, will dwarf neighbouring properties and have a dramatic effect on light and privacy to these smaller houses and their occupants.

If this planning application goes through it will set a precedent, as it will be by far the biggest multistorey block development in this locality.

Looking at possible future sites for residential development there are: the site of the ESK Warehouse in Courtlands Road, the Dairy in Waterworks Road and the Waste Facility in St Phillips Avenue.

It would be difficult to object to plans for similar developments on any of these sites in future.