Online shopping policy surprises pensioner Denis

A PENSIONER has criticised Tesco after the supermarket chain drove 16 miles in the snow to deliver his shopping when he lives less than a mile away from the large Eastbourne store.

Denis Wilkinson, 86, of Gardner Close, has been doing his food shopping online for a number of years.

But he only recently discovered that his fortnightly order is coming from St Leonards rather than Eastbourne’s Lottbridge Drove superstore which is less than one mile from his home.

He said, “It seems like a backward step in these times when we are supposed to be cutting down on our fuel consumption.

“They are driving 16 miles to deliver my shopping when there is a Tesco just around the corner.

“Not only that, but the road between here and Hastings is notoriously bad, especially in the bad weather.”

Mr Wilkinson asked the driver why his shopping was coming from St Leonards and was told it was because of his postcode.

A Tesco spokesperson said, “We always keep catchment areas under review to ensure our customers receive the best service possible.”