OLYMPIC TORCH: Today’s the day for East Sussex

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IT’S Day 60 of the Olympic Torch Relay which this morning left the Royal Pavilion in Brighton at 7.20am on its route to Hastings.

During the day, the torch will travel through Crawley, Copthorne, Felbridge, East Grinstead, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough and Lewes, arriving in Eastbourne this afternoon.

The torch heads on to Pevensey, Bexhill, St Leonards and Hastings, arriving at the Stade this evening for an Olympic celebration and concert involving chart-topping band, the Rizzle Kicks. The torch will also pop into Tonbridge Castle, away from the 109-mile route.

During the course of today, 137 torchbearers from all parts of the community - the famous and the not so famous - will achieve the once-in-a lifetime ambition of carrying the Olympic flame.

Double Olympic gold medallist, Dame Kelly Holmes, and Frank Verge, who was a torchbearer in the 1948 torch relay, will carry the flame in the castle grounds at Tonbridge.

Comedian Eddie Izzard who ran 43 marathons in 51 days for Sport Relief in 2009, will be a torchbearer in Bexhill.

Jordan Stephens and Harley Alexander-Sule, who are the members of Rizzle Kicks, will run together in Eastbourne.

Spectators are advised to allow extra time for travel, aiming to get to locations an hour before as rolling road closures will be in operation.

The streets directly off the main route will be shut to traffic from about 30 minutes prior to the torch flame arriving and also for 30 minutes afterwards.

The convoy will travel through towns and villages at 5mph in two processions.

The first will be a convoy of sponsors, followed five to eight minutes later by the flame convoy.

Each torch-bearer will walk or run along the route until they meet the next.

Throughout today and tomorrow, when the torch heads on from Hastings, via Battle to Rye and onwards into Kent, we’ll be covering its progress every step of the way with our team of reporters and photographers who will be lining the route.

They’ll be capturing the words and images of this once-in-a-lifetime event. Tell us how you are celebrating the Olympic torch relay - are you having a party, setting up special banners, doing something different?

Send us your photographs of the day - the people and the occasion.

You can email us with both words and photographs to olympictorch@jpress.co.uk

Email us on the day of the torch relay with words and pictures, which we will post online - and don’t forget to leave us your name and contact phone number.

Here is the schedule for today’s Olympic Torch Relay:


07:25 path

07:26 pedestrian area

07:27 Castle Square

07:28 A23 Old Steine

07:31 A23 Marlborough Pl

07:32 A23 Gloucester Pl

07:35 A23 York Pl

07:37 A23 London Rd

07:42 A23 Preston Rd

07:58 A23 London Rd


09:02 A2219 Brighton Rd

09:17 High St

09:19 Broadwalk

09:20 The Broadway

09:21 The Boulevard

09:24 A2004 Northgate Ave


09:40 Brookhill Rd

09:46 Copthorne Bank

09:51 Borers Arms Rd


10:01 A264 Copthorne Rd

East Grinstead

10:15 A22 London Rd

10:33 London Rd

10:40 High St

10:43 B2110 College Ln

10:45 B2110 Blackwell Hollow

10:51 A264 Holtye Rd

Royal Tunbridge Wells

11:24 A264 Mount Ephrain Rd

11:33 A26 Grosvenor Rd

11:35 A26 Upper Grosvenor Rd

11:36 A26 Meadow Rd

11:37 A26 Goods Station Rd

11:37 A26 Grosvenor Rd

11:40 A26 Mount Pleasant Rd

11:43 B2023 High St

11:47 A26 London Rd

11:47 A26 Eridge Rd

11:48 The Pantilles Archway

11:48 The Pantilles

11:49 Linden Park Rd

11:49 A26 Eridge Rd


12:06 B2157 Green Ln

12:18 B2100 Crowborough Hill

12:22 Beeches Rd

12:24 East Beeches

12:26 Beacon Community College car park

12:26 Beacon Community College car park lane

13:27 Beacon Community College astro turf ground

13:27 Beacon Community College Access Road

13:28 North Beeches Rd

13:30 B2100 Crowborough Hill

13:41 A26 Beacon Rd


14:14 A26 Malling Down

14:23 A26 Malling St

14:24 A26 Phoenix Causeway

14:27 A26 Eastgate St

14:29 A277 High St

14:35 A277 High Street

14:36 A277 Western Rd

14:41 A277 Brighton Rd


15:18 A2021 Kings Dr

15:23 A2021 Lewes Rd

15:28 A2021 Bedfordwell Rd

15:29 A2040 Upper Ave

15:31 Upper Ave

15:33 Cavendish Pl

15:33 Ashford Rd

15:35 A259 Susans Rd

15:38 A259 Seaside Rd

15:39 Cavendish Place

15:41 B2106 Marine Parade

15:44 B2106 Royal Parade

15:51 Royal Parade

16:14 Fishermans Club car park

16:14 Royal Parade

16:22 Princes Rd

16:32 A259 Pevensey Bay Rd

Pevensey Bay

16:41 A259 Eastbourne Rd

16:48 A259 Sea Road

16:50 A259 Wallsend Rd


16:53 A259 Wallsend Rd

Bexhill on Sea

17:08 Corden Sea Road

17:11 Birk Dale

17:23 Westcourt Drive

17:27 Cooden Drive

17:30 Richmond Road

17:33 West Parade

17:41 Marina

17:45 Sea Road

17:49 Magdalen Road

17:53 Dorset Road

St Leonards On Sea

17:57 A259 Bexhill Rd

18:17 A259 Marina


18:20 A259 Marina

18:26 A259 Eversfield Place

18:32 A259 Grande Parade

18:34 A259 White Rock Rd

18:37 Robertson Street

18:39 Harold Pl

18:41 A259 Denmark Place

18:43 A259 Breeds Place

18:43 A259 Pellham Place

18:48 A259 Marine Parade

18:48 The Stade

18:48 Celebration stage @ The Stade, Hastings.