OLYMPIC TORCH: Sue O’Hara enjoys a day to remember

Sue O'Hara with the torch
Sue O'Hara with the torch

Eastbourne’s own Sue O’Hara says she will never forget the day she carried the Olympic Torch and the town took her to their hearts.

The fundraiser was one of only two local runners to take part in today’s relay, along with Polegate’s Sue Barber, and said she was overwhelmed with the reaction she got as she started her leg on Enys Road.

Sue O'Hara

Sue O'Hara

Dozens of people burst onto the road when Sue was dropped off at her kiss point, with friends and family keen for a pre-torch hug while well-wishers shouted out three cheers moments before the previously runner arrived.

At one point, the emotions of the day caught up with Sue, who had previously said the moment would be bittersweet without her late husband Frank and her late daughter Tuesday.

She said, “It did get very emotional just before I started carrying it,” she told the Herald shortly after finishing. “The reaction from the crowds was amazing and is something I will never forget.

“It was such a privilege to be allowed to take part and it was just the most amazing day.”

Few would argue that Sue deserved her moment to shine. Having lost daughter Tuesday to leukaemia she set up the Tuesday O’Hara Fund to raise money to help support cancer suffers.

And many of the people who lined Enys Road this afternoon said they had chosen that spot specifically to cheer on the local fundraiser, including many who did not know her but had read about her in the Herald.

“It was lovely to have such amazing support,” said Sue. “Thanks to everyone who came out.”

And what now? “I think I am going to go out for a meal with my friends and family. I was really worried about today and now it has gone I just feel so free of stress.

“It was a wonderful feeling.”

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