OLYMPIC TORCH 4.33: ‘The police have never been so popular’!

Outside the Langham Hotel
Outside the Langham Hotel

THE LANGHAM Hotel along Grand Parade provided a perfect vantage point for people to watch the Olympic torch relay.

Police were reporting huge crowds of up to ten deep along the seafront as Eastbourne folk turned out their thousands for the event.

At the Langham, some 125 people sat down for lunch and 24 for tea part of an Olympic torch relay event, which featured a speech from former St Bede’s headmaster, Peter Pyemont, who spoke about the history of the Olympic Games. In turn, the diners raised £238 for St Wilfred’s Hospice.

Among the visitors who watched the parade from the hotel terrace was Sally Bloodworth. She said, ”The police have never been so popular. They came past on their motobikes and everyone was cheering. The police were waving and the Langham was a a great place to watch from the terrace.”