OLYMPIC TORCH 4.30pm: Pevensey crowds cheer on the torch

Family from the Philipines ready to cheer on the torch
Family from the Philipines ready to cheer on the torch

CARS beeped their horns and the crowds cheered all along Pevensey Bay Road, with the anticipation of the arrival of the Olympic Torch.

Among them was Jackie Negus with her grandchildren Jasmin, 12, and Lilli-Mae, three, and their mum Cheryl Bouchard.

As the children waved their flags Nan Jackie said, “It’s something you’re not going to see again. The little one is so looking for to it.”

Another resident Ann Perry said I think it’s fabulous I love the way everyone has their chairs out and is waving flags.

Elsewhere the day brought back memories for Madge Rolfe who was at the 1948 Olympics who said, “It’s very exciting, it’s changed a lot, you didn’t have anything like this going on around town.”

In Pevensey, crowds gathered to enjoy ice-creams and blow vuvuzelas while they waited for the torch.

Jane Pop, who was waiting with partner Dave Harris and their dog Tom, said, “I think it’s fantastic.

“I think the support and turn-out from everybody speaks volumes. I think it’s one of those days people feel quite proud to be British and the sun is shining.”

Tracey Stevens, who had brought her three children, out to witness the relay, said, “My parents live in Pevensey Bay and I came up with their grandparents.

“We come from Uckfield. We love sport and have tickets to the Olympics. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime.”

Cisela Eastrom Wildes, “I feel very special about this. My grandfather was once the president of the International Olympic Games.”