Old bank facade revealed as demolition progresses

Demolition in Seaside
Demolition in Seaside

Looking Back reader Claire Backlaws sent in this photograph of the ongoing demolition of the former Lloyds Bank building in Seaside.

Claire said, “This may bring back memories for some people as the old Lloyds Bank sign was revealed during the demolition.”

The building has a long history in the town but is currently being knocked down to make way for flats.

Originally built prior to 1885, it was called the Rising Sun Coffee Tavern and was a coffee house or meeting place for local businessmen.

This was the only coffee house in the area, as opposed to other meeting places such as temperance halls and public houses.

Around the time of the First World War the coffee house closed, and after a period of dereliction it was purchased by Martins Bank, which later became Lloyds.