Official opening of operating theatre in memory of rescuer Dave

Many will remember the passing of WRAS rescuer Dave Fox-Dossett in September last year.

Saturday, 12th January 2019, 6:00 am
Fox with amputated rear leg being released into an outside pen SUS-190901-092625001
Fox with amputated rear leg being released into an outside pen SUS-190901-092625001

Dave brought something special to proceedings when he was on shift, as anyone that has ever worked with him will vouch for.

Dave was one a million.

Someone who will never be forgotten.

Birling Gap gull SUS-190901-092635001

Last week, surrounded by family Katey, and the boys, we officially opened the Dave Fox-Dossett Theatre and X-ray Room.

This was the only fitting way to honour a man that dedicated so much of his life in the medical profession helping others.

The theatre will save so many lives. We are sure Dave is up there looking down with a big smile on his face.

Dave you are truly missed by us all.

Dave Fox-Dosset theatre opening SUS-190901-092615001

A hedgehog which was rescued in Silverdale Road, Burgess Hill, benefited from our theatre last week too.

Rescuer Iain collected the hedgehog and noticed straight away that he was tightly tangled in some kind of netting.

At the centre our care team realised how tight the netting was and called our out of hours vet to the hospital.

The hog was quickly knocked out and once he was asleep the extent of the injury was clear.

We cannot publish the photos as they are too nasty.

The wounds were cleaned and medication was given.

After the procedure the hog gave us a little scare and stopped breathing, our vet and care team commenced resuscitation and managed to bring the hog back to life.

The hedgehog was then moved to our ICU and an hour later our care team doing post operation observation heard the wonderful sound of a hoggy eating his dinner!

Whilst this was all going on, our rescuers were busy bringing in two more casualties, including a pigeon with string wrapped tightly around his leg.

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Someone found themselves in a bit of a sooty situation.

A gull was handed into Sussex Coast Vets after being retrieved from a chimney and had almost completely black in colour.

Once he was collected and brought back to our centre, he was given a shower to help remove the soot and bedded down with a bath for him to continue cleaning if he wished.

WRAS also received a call from the National Trust at Birling Gap after reports of an injured gull on the beach underneath Belle Tout lighthouse.

Rescuers attended and met the finders on the beach who directed rescuers to the last place it was sighted.

With light fading a heat camera was used to locate the gull at the base of the cliffs.

The bird was secured and taken back to WRAS where fluids and medication were given.

Examination shows a nasty infection in its throat that will need a course of antibiotics.

Rescued three weeks ago our fox that had his rear leg caught in fencing, resulting in amputation, showed us this week how well he is adjusting to life with three limbs.

He moved out into one of our outside rehabilitation sites to spend a few weeks improving mobility and allowing for fur to growth over the area of amputation.