UFOs sighted over Eastbourne intrigue expert

A STRANGE set of lights seen floating over Eastbourne may not be able to be explained away as Chinese Lanterns.

Eastbourne and the surrounding area is often inundated with reports of UFOs but the majority are put down to the floating lights commonly used at weddings and birthday celebrations.

However, local teenager Liberty Jacklin claims to have seen something unusual in the skies above her Normans Bay home and a local paranormal expert is at a loss on how to explain it.

The 16-year-old, who saw the object last Wednesday evening, said, “At around 9.30pm we let the dogs out in the garden, and I saw strange lights in the sky, and called my family to see.

“They were two rings of circular lights, one within the other. We saw them from our back door in the clouds above the level crossing around 130 metres from our house.

“They were rotating almost horizontally from side to side, travelling a regular distance of around 100 metres.

“It went on for an hour and a half, stopping just after 11pm.”

Intrigued she visit www.eastbourneherald.co.uk and searched for other reported UFO sightings – stumbling across one from Nicholas Munro, also of Normans Bay.

That sighting dated back to November 2007 but mirrored almost perfectly Miss Jacklin and her family’s experience.

It was then she decided to get in touch with the paper to report the incident.

Malcolm Robinson, who is considered a world authority on the paranormal and unexplained, was excited to hear about the sighting.

He said, “My first thought was this could be a few of those Chinese Lanterns grouped together, however, the witness states their sighting was of two rings of circular lights, one within the other, which is not indicative of Chinese Lanterns.

“That said, it is of course possible someone might have strung together a number of these Chinese Lanterns together, whereby making it look more spectacular than the normal run of the mill grouped effect.

“The time duration of this sighting (an hour and a half) is decidedly longer than the average UFO sighting which usually lasts only around two to three minutes.

“Not having fully investigated this sighting myself, it is of course difficult to come up with a definitive answer as to what this could be.

“Normally I would check with the Coastguard, police, airports etc, all to try and find out if there was a natural explanation to account for this.

“Having said that though, I’m pretty sure the witness has seen plenty aircraft in the sky and to report this incident, then she must be of the opinion that this was out of the ordinary.

“I would ask that if there are any other readers who may also have seen this, to get in touch with the paper.”

Anyone who has seen strange objects in the sky should email richard.morris@jpress.co.uk or call 414483.

Mr Robinson, who was the first Scot to be invited to talk in UFOs on American soil, is also currently researching his fourth book on the paranormal.

He wants to get in touch with any readers who have experienced the unexplained.

Anyone who wants to reach Mr Robinson can do so by emailing malckyspi@yahoo.com.