Off-street wedding party idea proving popular

‘STREET parties’ are springing up across Eastbourne, with one difference – they’re not on the street.

Hot on the heels of last week’s news of the off-street party in Phoenix Drive, royal wedding party-planners in Churchill Close have also said that they are organising an alternative event for April 29.

Sue Storey, who is spearheading the celebrations, said the party will take place on a patch of grass just off the road.

The 63-year-old has arranged for picnic tables to be set out around the tree on the verge.

In the same week that David Cameron called for councils to slash red tape and encourage residents to embrace the party spirit, Mrs Storey said that they had opted for the off-street option to avoid the hassle which comes with road closures,

Festivities will get underway at 2.30pm.

Polegate School and Blue Bell Barn Children’s Nursery are also holding off-street parties on April 28.