Nurse’s suspension extended while he awaits official hearing

AN EASTBOURNE nurse, suspended from the profession almost three years ago to face multiple allegations of dishonesty, is due to face a disciplinary hearing early next year.

Ebrima Njie, of Attfield Walk, is accused of using false documents and references, failing to tell prospective employers that he was under investigation by the Nursing and Midwifery Council – and even continuing to work as a nurse after he had been suspended.

He was suspended by the NMC in March 2009 and, after a prolonged investigation by the regulatory body, is now set to face a disciplinary hearing in May next year.

Nothing has been proved against Mr Njie, but NMC barrister, Salim Hafejee, told the High Court he could be a danger to patients if he is found to have given false information to employers.

He added, “The Nursing and Midwifery Council submits that the interim suspension order should be extended because it remains necessary for the protection of the public and otherwise in the public interest.

“The allegations are very serious as they relate to Mr Njie repeatedly being dishonest in applying for positions as a nurse.

“This conduct had the potential of putting patients at risk as there was no certainty that he was qualified to carry out the work he was securing by way of his deceit.

“He also defied his regulator’s decision suspending his practice by continuing to work.”

Extending Mr Njie’s suspension until July 1 2012, Judge Neil Bidder QC said it was ‘remarkable’ that the case had taken the NMC so long to investigate.

While recognising the difficulties faced by the NMC, he expressed ‘very substantial concern’ about the delay.