Nurse Caroline gets the public’s vote at NHS care awards

Caroline Howells
Caroline Howells

A practice nurse at the Lighthouse Medical Centre has been voted by the public to win a nursing award.

There were 220 nominations from patients, their families and members of the public for the two Public Choice Awards.

Caroline Howells, a practice nurse at the Lighthouse Medical Centre, Eastbourne, was winner of the individual Public’s Choice award.

She collected her award at the Proud to Care Sussex Nursing Awards at the American Express Community Stadium in Brighton last week.

Gwynne Pickering, who chairs the practice’s patients forum, said, “Caroline is a truly dedicated nurse.

“She is very humble in her skills and will be surprised about this nomination as she sees herself as just doing her job. She is an amazing nurse who does a fantastic job for her patients and for the practice.

“Caroline connects with every patient at their level and finds ways to help them live their lives with their disease or problem and not let this take over their lives.

“Both patients and colleagues are inspired by her kindness and compassion- she represents what we all think is best about the profession of nursing.”

Caroline’s clinical excellence and range of skills were also praised.