Not unexpected news! Births on the up at the Conquest Hospital since DGH changes

DGH sign
DGH sign

Hundreds more women have given birth at the Conquest Hospital in Hastings than the DGH since changes to maternity services came into effect.

Hospital figures show that nearly 12 times the number of expectant mums gave birth at the Conquest (from the beginning of May until the end of July) compared to 61 babies born at the DGH (from May 7 until August 7).

The changes were introduced on May 7 following a decision by NHS bosses to see the DGH become a stand-alone midwifery-led maternity unit and to maintain a consultant-led obstetric service at the Conquest in Hastings.

Figures show that 61 women have given birth at the Eastbourne hospital since that date compared to 728 at Hastings from the beginning of May until the end of July.

The number of women who had gone to the DGH to give birth and were then transferred to the Hastings hospital is 15 (up to the end of July) and one expectant mum from Hastings has decided to give birth at the DGH since the move.

A spokesperson for East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust said, “We are very pleased with the number of births at the Eastbourne Midwifery Led Unit (EMU) month on month since the opening the number of births has increased (May 10, June 20, July 26).

“More importantly those women who have had their babies at the EMU have been delighted with the care given and have been extremely positive about their experience.

“We are hopeful that the birth number will continue to increase and that we will see an annual birth rate of 300. The steady increase is what we expected and we are sure that much of this is as a result of women telling friends and family about their experience and advising others who can to use the service.”