BUS SPOTTERS were given a treat by a new company when it took its own version of a classic car to the road.

Cavendish Motor Services ended its first week of bus operation in the town with a lap of honour in the ex-London Routemaster.

Bus enthusiasts and photographers turned out for the occasion on Saturday.

Managing director David Howard said, "Hopefully that gave people some pleasure."

Cavendish Motor Services has operated the new Lighthouse Line for just under two weeks.

Its two routes are the number 11 from Hailsham, through Eastbourne and on to Old Town and the number 10 from the Crumbles, through town and on to Old Town.

Flat rate fares of 1 for any journey on the green and cream buses will be in place until the end of March. This is reduced to 50p for County Card travel pass holders.

Mr Howard said, "It's early days but the routes certainly shows signs that they will be popular and we are encouraged by the fact that each day we carry more people."

He said news that Eastbourne Buses will no longer be operating services between Langney and the hospital and between Willingdon Trees and Ocklynge School may open up new opportunities for the Lighthouse Line.

For now, the number 10 and number 11 aim to continue making an impression along their routes.

Customers and members of the public have commented on the classic look of the cream and green buses.

Mr Howard said, "The intention was to bring back a piece of history, because South Down buses some years ago were green and cream. We hope we have restored some history to the local scene."

Timetables for the new service are available from Old Town Library, tourist Information outlets and some shops.