‘No post for days’ in town centre street

Trinity Trees, Eastbourne March 10th 2014, E10046Q SUS-141003-154149001
Trinity Trees, Eastbourne March 10th 2014, E10046Q SUS-141003-154149001

An angry resident living in a town centre street said he and his neighbours have not received any post for days.

Jeff Klepper, of Trinity Trees, said people were waiting for prescriptions and many other important documents and they had not received mail since last Monday (March 3).

When he contacted the complaints department he said he was told that the sorting office was changing its delivery people’s routes and that residents should have been informed but Mr Klepper said this did not happen. The 66-year-old, who said the problem had not happened before, said he had spoken to around 50 different properties, including businesses, and that none had received any notification about changes.

He added, “One woman went in the sorting office and demanded her post because she had an urgent prescription.”

Mr Klepper said he made several calls to find out what was going on and finally at about 4pm on Friday post did arrive but he is far from happy with the situation, adding, “I think it’s disgusting. I’ve not paid for the letters to be delivered to me but people have paid for them to be sent first or second calls and we’re not getting it.

“I’ve been told they can claim compensation but how do they know [it’s not arrived]? Do we have to contact all the people to say there has been a delay?”

He told the Gazette yesterday (Monday) he was told by customer relations that routes were changing, there had been some staff sickness and that the delivery service should be back to normal from today (Tuesday). The Royal Mail was contacted for a comment but had not responded by the time of going to press.