No invite from princess-in-waiting for her distant relative...

Paul Childers with some of his science students
Paul Childers with some of his science students

A DISTANT Eastbourne relation of the Duchess of Cambridge has said he was by no means distraught or surprised at his royal wedding snub.

Head of science at St Bede’s Prep School, Paul Childers said he only became aware of the tenuous link to the duchess after a relative discovered the connection in a book on the local history of Leeds, just over a year ago.

To chart their shared lineage, Mr Childers – Catherine’s third cousin – harks back to their great-great grandfather Francis Lupton, a cloth merchant from a wealthy family in Leeds. This is where their families diverge.

Mr Lupton’s daughter Olive married solicitor Noel Middleton, while Olive’s brother had a son Charles, a GP, who in turn had Mr Childers’ mother.

The two have never met and the 41-year-old science teacher is not holding his breath for a chance meeting now.

“I didn’t have a clue about the link.

“Has it changed my life, will it change my life and am I particularly bothered? No, not really.

“It’s lovely, it’s nice to know, but it’s not going to make a difference to my life, other than being teased by children at school,” he said.

He told the Herald he had not received an invitation to the royal wedding at Westminster Abbey, but he joined in the festivities at a street party in London.

He said, “I’m far too distant a relation to be invited to the wedding. My grandfather knew her grandfather but that’s in the past.