Nine out of 10 GPs feel workload impacts negatively on patient care – says survey


More than nine out of 10 GPs feel their heavy workload has had a negative impact on the quality of patient care.

This was the key finding from a British Medical Association (BMA) survey to which more than 15,500 UK GPs responded, and shows how practices are ‘close to breaking point’.

Selected survey results:

94% do not want their practices to open seven days a week.

8% feel that the standard ten minute consultation is adequate.

56% reported working out-of-hours services makes them feel that at times their workload is having a detrimental effect on the care they provide.

21% suggesting they could provide extended hours by working in networks with other GPs through shared facilities.

67% felt there should be longer consultations for certain groups of patients, including those with long-term conditions.

25% believe all patients need more time.

93% said their heavy workload has negatively impacted on the quality of patient services.

68% said they believe it is better to provide longer consultations of greater quality, even if it means waiting longer to see a GP for a routine appointment.

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