Nightclub’s proposal rejected by committee

A licence application to extend the opening hours of a nightclub in town was rejected by councillors this week.

Eastbourne Pier submitted a list of requests that included Atlantis staying open until 4am and permitting the sale of alcohol until 3am between Sunday and Thursday.

The application was met with many objections from local residents and Eastbourne Borough Councillor Steve Wallis.

Cllr Wallis started a petition, which was presented at the lengthy Licence Committee meeting on Tuesday night, and was delighted with the decision to refuse the majority of Eastbourne Pier’s applications.

He said, “It is good news that the committee backed residents, businesses, the police and local councillors and refused the extension of opening times.

“Thank you and well done to all those who wrote objecting, signed the petition or addressed the committee.

“We now await to see what the Piers next move will be.”

Eastbourne Pier submitted ten applications in total, seven of which were refused.

As well as permission to keep the nightclub open until 4am and serve alcohol until 3.30am during the week, the Licence Committee turned down requests to play live music until 3.30am, recorded music until 3.30am Sunday to Thursday, performance of dance until 3.30am on weekdays and the provision of late night refreshment until 4am seven days a week.

They also refused to allow the pier to host indoor sports, films, boxing and wrestling.

The three applications that were granted involved keeping the Victorian tea rooms open until midnight, allowing the burger kiosk to trade within licensing hours and adding an extra hour to the opening times on Bank Holiday Sundays, excluding Easter.

The decision to reject the proposals will be welcomed by local residents and businesses, including the Afton Hotel, which submitted a petition from many visitors who signed followed a restless night sleep due to party-goers leaving the pier in the early hours.

A statement from Cllr Wallis read to the committee said, “We all want businesses to succeed but we do not want one business to be succeeding over another. There are a number of hotels and guesthouses within the vicinity of the pier who have suffered long enough due to late night noise and disturbance.

“It is all about striking the right balance between a thriving night-time economy and ensuring that those who live, work or stay within the centre of town have a decent quality of life.”

The Herald tried to contact Eastbourne Pier but nobody was available to comment.