Nigel drops his bid to be police boss

PCC candidates
PCC candidates

A former Conservative councillor who quit his seat on Eastbourne Borough Council in a bid to become the new Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner has now pulled out of the race.

Nigel Goodyear stepped down from the council earlier this year and did not renew his Conservative Party membership saying he wanted to pursue his bid to be the new elected commissioner of Sussex Police.

In November the current Sussex Police Authority will be abandoned and in its place an elected commissioner will take over the role.

Elections take place on November 19 and Mr Goodyear had initially thrown his hat into the ring as an independent candidate.

At the time the former senior officer said the new commissioner should not be a representative of any political party.

He said, “Instead of local independents, in the main we have seen a procession of time-served national and local politicians, of all stripes, announce their candidacy. This immediately politicises a new and vitally important change in policing and condemns it to the clammy and uncertain grip of politics and politicians from the start.”

“From such a promising beginning we have arrived at the dismal point at which, a good reform, which is supposed to be about the relationship between the public and the police is being hijacked by partisan politics. I find this prospect so unappealing.”

Announcing his resignation, Mr Goodyear said, “I am not proceeding with the Police and Crime Commissioner nomination as family and work pressures have taken their toll.”

Full details of all the candidates are due to be released later this month and include three chosen by the main political parties as well as independents.