New Year’s Eve punch up ends in court case

'call-a-cab' office in Lismore Road Eastbourne. January 15th 2013 E03066P
'call-a-cab' office in Lismore Road Eastbourne. January 15th 2013 E03066P

A drunk 27-year-old who assaulted a man and his girlfriend in the early hours of New Year’s Day has been ordered to pay them both compensation.

Paul Rogers punched Russell Williams in the face in front of police and pushed his partner Marie Plater, causing her to fall to the ground and bang her head and elbow.

Eastbourne magistrates heard the couple were at the Call-a-cab taxi office in Lismore Road when Mr Williams started to feel unwell. He went to go outside but the door was blocked by Rogers. Prosecutor Jeremy King told magistrates after Mr Williams headed outside the defendant became aggressive and went ‘face-to-face’ with him. When Ms Plater intervened, Rogers pusher her. Mr Williams went to confront the defendant but a member of the public stepped in. Police attended and while Mr Williams was being spoken to, Rogers approached and punched him in the face.

Rogers, of Albion Road, pleaded guilty to two counts of assault by beating.

Magdalena Biglou, defending, said, “In a nutshell he had been out with his partner and he states he ended up drinking excessive amounts and recollects very little.

“It’s clear in the statement from the female victim that she accepts her partner pushed the door a number of times and that may have contacted with Mr Rogers, that’s what started this incident.”

Ms Biglou said her client, who has family issues going on, had not intended for the woman to fall over, adding, “He says he doesn’t normally have much alcohol but on the night in question he had a lot. Since this incident he has not had anything to drink.”

However, he admitted to probation that he regularly went out at weekends and indulged in binge drinking. Rogers was given a six month community order with a supervision order and alcohol treatment requirement. He must pay £75 to each victim, £85 costs and £60 victim surcharge.