New water pipeline moves into final stage

Water Pipe Works Paddock Gardens Wannock SUS-150114-125340001
Water Pipe Works Paddock Gardens Wannock SUS-150114-125340001

The installation of a major new pipeline that will pump 4.3 million litres of extra water into the Eastbourne area when complete is reaching the critical final stages of construction.

Since July 2014, South East Water has been installing the new water main through the residential streets of Wannock and Willingdon with more than 900 metres of the new 1.3km pipeline now in the ground.

Later this month construction will begin in Farmlands Way under temporary road closure to through traffic before moving into Farmlands Avenue in February.

Chris Love at South East Water said, “With the population of Eastbourne growing we need to pump more water into the area which is why new pipelines such as this are so vital.

“We have completed work to install new sections of water main alongside Eastbourne Road (A2270) and within Broad Road and Wannock Road.

“We will finish the installation of the new water main in Paddock Gardens, before moving into Farmlands Way on January 19.”

Construction will take place in Farmlands Way and Farmlands Avenue until March 31, however the construction team will work hard to finish the work as quickly and safely as possible.

Chris said, “The safety of the public and our contractor is our top priority as we work to install this pipeline and to maintain that safety, a temporary road closure of Farmlands Way and Farmlands Avenue will be required for through traffic.

“All the businesses within Farmlands Way will be open as normal for the duration of the work.

“The new £900,000 pipeline forms part of our five year programme in which we are investing £390 million to ensure clean, safe water continues to be delivered to all our customers.”

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Around 900 metres of water main has been installed since July and the new pipeline will pump an extra 4.3 million litres of water a day into the Eastbourne area.

The total amount of pipeline to be installed is 1.3km.

Construction began in 24 July 2014 and is due to complete in April 2015.

Phase One was in Broad Road between the Farmlands Avenue junction and the Eastbourne Road/A2270 junction and is now complete.

The second phase on Eastbourne Road (A2270) between the Broad Road junction and a point approximately 50 metres to the south, and Phase Three crossing Wannock Mill Stream are also completed. Phase Four is in Farmlands Way between Mill Race and Wannock Mill Stream and begins on February 13 with a temporary road closure.

Phase Five is Wannock Road at the Paddock Gardens junction and that has been completed. Phase Six in Paddock Gardens was due to be completed this week.