New water label could signal more customers’ savings

European water label SUS-141121-112002001
European water label SUS-141121-112002001

A new way to see how water efficient taps, baths, showers and toilets are when looking for a new bathroom is being backed by South East Water, responsible for water supplies to Eastbourne and the surrounding areas.

The European Water Label - similar to the Energy Efficiency Label on electrical items such as fridges and freezers – shows how much water each device uses and could cut water bills.

South East Water, which supplies drinking water to 2.1 million customers, is more than halfway through its Customer Metering Programme, which will involve fitting water meters to more than 90 per cent of homes across Kent.

This means customers will pay for the water they use, rather than bills based on the rateable value of their home.

Charles Healey at South East Water said, “We believe metering is a fairer way for customers to pay and means they can take more control of their bills. As well as having an impact on bills, this is a good way to preserve this precious resource and ensure we have enough water for the future.

“The European Water Label allows customers to see at a glance whether bathroom equipment will give the best performance in terms of water efficiency.”

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