New warning for the scrap metal thieves

Michael Mattinson, of Gearings Scrap Metal
Michael Mattinson, of Gearings Scrap Metal

DISPOSE of your scrap metal responsibly - that’s the warning from Eastbourne Borough Council.

The council is clamping down on undesirable scrap metal merchants and urging people to take care when disposing of their scrap metal.

The warning comes after an increase in scrap metal theft across the town and people being visited in their own homes by unregistered individuals looking for scrap metal.

The council is also warning people that they are committing an offence if they do not dispose of scrap metals responsibly and could face prosecution.

It is now working with Eastbourne scrap metal dealer Gearing and Son Limited, in Seabeach Lane, to ensure that scrap metal is disposed of responsibly by the public and purchases of scrap metal come from a legitimate source.

A spokesperson at Eastbourne Borough Council said that under the terms of their licence, registered scrap metal dealers have an obligation to record the details of people disposing of scrap metal and that in order to improve information sharing between the council, Sussex Police and scrap metal dealers, a best practice agreement is being adopted to further manage the sale and purchase of scrap metal.

The spokesperson said, “Individuals disposing of scrap will now need to provide photographic identification.

“Partnership working will result in information being shared, where scrap metal may be offered for sale in suspicious circumstances.

“Dealers will continue to be visited regularly by the police and the council to ensure they are meeting their licence requirements and the best practice agreement.

“It’s important the public is aware of the need to dispose of scrap metal via a registered dealer to comply with the law and to work with us in reporting any suspicious individuals or vehicles who approach them directly to dispose of scrap metal. This is illegal and a practice we want to stop.”

For further advice go to or call the licensing team on 415937.