New trust marks Down’s Syndrome awareness day

finn from seaford, who has down's syndrome
finn from seaford, who has down's syndrome

Down’s Syndrome Development Trust (DSDT) in the UK marked World Down’s Syndrome Day last week by joining with similar organisations across the world to highlight the condition and that people with it can achieve their goals.

DSDT is a new non-profit organisation that provides services for people throughout the UK. It has launched training days in schools and after these sessions there will be a free follow up clinic where participating schools can share information that they have learnt.

Sen Smallwood from Seaford, who founded the Seaford Down’s Syndrome and Special Needs Support Group, is director of the trust.

Last week on March 21 the 2nd official United Nations World Down Syndrome Day was celebrated across the world.

Sen, whose six-year-old son Finn has Down’s Syndrome, said the trust supports those with the condition and helps to provide people in different catchment areas with provision and opportunities and to help adults with Down Syndrome find employment.

She said, “I have lots of brilliant people around me supporting this. The trust is really important because children and people with down’s syndrome need syndrome specific resources and access to specific educational programmes. It’s been a fantastic opportunity to be part of this world awareness campaign with people from other countries. It’s been really positive it‘s really highlighted how we should appreciate the uniqueness within us all.”

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