New roof still leaking at shopping centre

The roof of Langney Shopping Centre was leaking once again over the bank holiday weekend, despite extensive works to repair the roof earlier this year.

The centre re-opened in July after six months of closure when the roof caved in during bad weather four days before Christmas.

Members of the community were delighted when the new centre was signed off as safe by the council’s building control department, but one month on and shoppers are reporting leaks each time it rains. On Saturday, locals took to Facebook to air their concerns.

Kate Glover commented on the social networking site and added, “The focus would have been on structural rather than the skin. Still – you’d have thought they would have sorted both while they were up there.”

Andy Palmer said, “I think the centre looks good with the new roof and if it’s that bad don’t go there – not rocket science is it.”

But Sam Fell said she would have rather have waited longer and had the leaks fixed too.

She said, “A job’s not worth doing unless its done properly.”

A spokesperson from London and Associated Management Services, the centre owners, said, “We are aware that the Co-op Travel Agents roof in the eastern mall was subject to some limited leaking caused by the torrential down pours over the bank holiday weekend, this is not linked to the collapse of the roof in 2012. London & Associated Management Services are currently reviewing proposals for major roof refurbishment works over the eastern end of the mall to address the problem.

“No leaks occurred in the Tesco store over the bank holiday weekend. Condensation running down the refrigeration doors has perhaps been mistaken for a leak, Tesco are in the process of installing a new unit.”