New owners sought for poorly dog with five homes in five months

Alfie - searching for a new home
Alfie - searching for a new home

THE saying “a dog is for life not just for Christmas,” could not be more true for Alfie the poorly pup, who is searching for his sixth home after being re-homed five times in just five months.

The 20-week-old greyhound and labrador puppy – who has a terminal liver condition – was abandoned by four families before ending up at the Happy Ending Animal Rescue Sanctuary in Hailsham.

Not only has the puppy had a miserable start in life, but staff at the sanctuary will have no choice but to put him down unless they can raise £3,500 for an operation to save him.

Chris Johns, co-founder of the Happy Endings Rescue Sanctuary based in Hailsham, said, “We took him from a woman in Dartford who said she was moving and couldn’t keep him.

“He has had four homes already and we are his fifth, he’s only five months old.

“It was quickly apparent that he was not well and we contacted his previous owner to let her know.

“It was only then she admitted that he had been ill when she had him and she had lied about moving to get us to take him in.

“It probably explains why he has had so many homes before, people didn’t want to spend any money on him finding out what was wrong so just passed him on.”

Alfie was examined by a vet and an ultrasound scan revealed a rare condition called a liver shunt – a problem with his circulation system where blood in a vein that passes through or round the liver does not get the toxins cleaned.

“He turned up totally bewildered and was very needy,” said Mr Johns. “Initially we thought it was because he had been let down by so many people abandoning him and passing him from pillar to post

“He didn’t seem to have an appetite and only ate a very tiny amount, often being sick so we asked the vet to run some extra tests on him.”

However, the animal sanctuary hopes that Alfie will get his own happy ending with a loving family after generous members of the public have helped to raise half of the £3,500 needed for Alfie’s life saving op.

“Since he went to the vets he has been really playful,” said Mr Johns. “He’s been eating much more than normal and it would be really good to give him the chance.

“Without the operation things are very bleak for him,” he added.

Anyone who wants to make a donation towards Alfie’s operation can do so through the sanctuary’s website

Or contact Mr Kemp on 07821 318241 or email