New investigation into the death of nurse in Argentina

An investigation into the death of a dental nurse from Eastbourne in Argentina almost 11 years ago is to be reopened by the authorities.

Sunday, 10th June 2018, 5:38 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 4:36 pm
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Twenty-five-year-old Laura Hill’s body was discovered in Buenos Aires in October 2007 but her death has remained a mystery.

Laura’s family has always maintained she was killed by a drug gang but the probe into her death was hampered by what the coroner in Eastbourne called “corruption within the Argentinian police” and a “hopeless” investigation.

The family accepts Laura had cocaine in her bloodstream at the time of her death but do not believe it was self-induced as she had been threatened by an international drug smuggling gang.

Laura Hill Press Conference. Mother Alison Hill.

Now, after a campaign spanning more than a decade by Laura’s mother Alison Hill, a new government in Argentina, along with a new approach to police corruption and a helpful ambassador, her death is being looked at again.

Ms Hill said, “The prosecutor in Argentina believes a lot of mistakes were made by the authorities right from the beginning. It’s quite emotional really because now I have people who believe that Laura’s death was definitely suspicious.

“She got herself involved with some very bad people and some very bad stuff, but now she may get the justice she deserves.

“I’ve never given up, because I knew that it was all wrong in the very beginning. We got all the wrong information, Laura’s death wasn’t investigated, the apartment she was staying in wasn’t searched.

“It’s a catalogue of everything being wrong, and I wasn’t prepared to just accept it.”

At an inquest into Laura’s death, which did not take place in Eastbourne until April 2016 due to delays by the Argentinian authorities, experts said the young woman had not collapsed in the hallway but was instead dumped in the hallway.