A new future awaits...

In around a month's time I shall be taking my last service as a paid Anglican minister. I am taking retirement. It is a big step and not one being taken lightly!

Sunday, 19th August 2018, 8:00 am
Updated Sunday, 2nd September 2018, 9:24 pm
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It all started around a year ago when I felt that God was saying that my time was up at Hellingly and Upper Dicker. I

t was quite a surprise as the parish is brilliant with lovely people and with lots of opportunities to explore.

But when the Boss speaks you do not ignore it.

As I had the three months sabbatical it was an opportunity to test this call.

All the way along came the reinforcement that God was calling me to retire from full time paid ministry.

And so that it was I am now on target for in September.

Now I am not at full retiring age, and still have petrol in the tank!

So as God has revealed retirement is the first step which will lead on to something else in his service.

That has yet to unfold!

So it is more of a new beginning rather than an ending; all rather exciting!

To anyone without faith taking this step on the basis of what it is believed God is saying is illogical and practically impossible to grasp.

Faith makes a big difference though.

It is being able to hear that quiet inner voice which prompts us and not always with words.

Faith helps to give expression to that voice and to further nurture it allowing it to burst into bloom.

It is possible for people without faith to feel a quiet prompting within them which when taken note of can lead to all kinds of new opportunities.

It is the hunch, the guess or the spur of the moment decision.

But who is to say that even this is not the subtle implicit presence of God’s spirit which dwells in every heart?

The human spirit is truly magnificent, but it would be when you realise who created it!

So a new future awaits, and knowing who is doing the driving makes all the difference!